Halcyon Daze

The Story So Far....
A breif overview of events

Our story started with the three original founding members of National Treasure Inc. heading across the land in search of fame, fortune, and women. There were two Eladrin; a Rogue who went by the alias of Masaker, and a Ranger by the name of Rahxephon. The other was a Dragonborn Paladin, Dannor, who by all rights was more of an outcast paladin then a true member of the cloth; however he followed the way’s of Baphomet as best as he could.

The headed to the town of Winterhaven where they had been told by a member of Dannor’s church that there had been signs of cultist activity and that the old Shadowfell Keep was their likely base of operations. Along the way the hero’s acquired two other members, Half-elves, Calisto Ironstar and Ilandere. Both were traveling Arcane students, one a warlock and the other a mage. Together the group underwent trials set up by the Cult of Orcus including fighting off goblin minions, and a deceptive rogue elf. In the end they reached a underground temple in the Keep in which Karel a Scion of Orcus wad been attempting to open a gate to the underworld. The group managed to defeat Kalrel, however in the process Ilandere was hit with a devastating blast of magic, this made her sick, yet at the same time gave her access to great power which she could not control. She also began to start having prophetic dreams involving a dark skinned man, with a shaved head and adorned with gold jewelry.

After the prayers of the dead, the town tried to get their spirits high again by throwing a celebration party that lasted many days. The group of adventures were considered heroes of the town of Winterhaven. During the days of celebration a message was received by Dannor asking him to invistagate the town of Nicobarse home of the Wizard’s Tower. While he split from the party to do this, The remaining members headed to the White Lotus Academy, a school of magic. They had intended on seeking the scholars here to help Ilandere with her wild magic and her dreams.

Little did the party know the school was actually under siege by a Spell Weaver attempting to steal all of the headmasters magic as well as the entire school. Though they were initially caught in the spell weavers illusion they eventually pieced the puzzle together and were able to save the headmaster and the school. They spent a few months here helping defend the school against a few more threats from unknown creatures that were near invisible and had deadly weapons, as well as study under the headmaster himself. The headmaster could explain little about her dreams but was able to help Ilandere become into a full fledged sorceress. He said that the books of the ancient Wizard’s Tower might be of some use in identifying her dreams as well as the invisible creatures.

Thus they set off to Nicobarse, to meet with Dannor as well as discover the many secrets that lay in the tower. However just before they left, Ilandere had a disturbing vision of a Man with red eyes standing above the bloody bodies of Calisto and Dannor.

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